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What is Phanês? Our mission and purpose

Despite the continued popularity of Jung’s work — whose sales significantly exceed those of Freud’s — and the established presence of analytical psychology in the psychotherapeutic world, serious critical study of Jung and his psychology has lagged behind that of comparable figures. This situation has started to change deeply in recent years, with the publication of hithertho unpublished manuscripts, seminars and correspondences of Jung in the Philemon series, an increasing number of historical studies based on in-depth archival research, and a new generation of scholars undertaking critical research on Jung and the history of analytical psychology at doctoral and post-doctoral levels. Cumulatively, this has been fast transforming the academic landscape, taking the study of Jung in Europe to a new level. Until now, there has been no dedicated organ for this work, which has consequently been dispersed in a variety of journals. In response to this, Phanês, Journal for Jung History, has arisen. Phanês is an annual, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing high quality, scholarly articles related to the life and work of C.G. Jung and the wider history of analytical or complex psychology. Phanês publishes original articles that address this area from a critical perspective, as an open-access journal accepting articles in English, Italian, French and German.

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